Fabio Leonardo MR10 with SP5 Tomato Milling Attachment Plus TC32 Meat Grinder Attachment (Most Powerful Model) 

Fabio Leonardi's MR10 is ideal for home professional or commercial use. This is Fabio's largest most powerful model at 1.5hp and allows you to mill tomatoes into sauce quickly and easily. The 1.5hp motor combined with the large SP5 turns thins unit into a tomato eating monster ideal for any milling task. Large neck opening allows you to mill whole tomatoes in raw or boiled form. Fabio Leonardi differentiates its models by motor power and size of front neck and auger (Tomato milling Attachment). The motor is indicated by the MR10 and the front mechanism is called SP5. Dimensions and production capability for the SP5 front neck and auger are indicated below. 

Production Capability & the Motor 

Fabio Leonardi's MR10 direct drive motor has a production capability of approx 1000 lbs per hour. The powerful 1000W 1.5 hp motor does 120 revolutions per minute and is one of the most powerful machines available! 

The Grinder Attachment XL TC32 

This attachment has the premium Niploy coating designed to be corrosion free and last. Made in Italy this premium grinder attachment is robust and capable of larger production in combination with the most powerful Fabio Motor MR10 1.5HP! Ideal for game hunters, chef's and home use operations. Made in Italy by Fabio Leonardi!  

We Sell Fabio Leonardi's Premium Line

We only offer Fabio Leonardi's premium machines which include 18/10 stainless steel hoppers, sauce trays and components. More importantly the Niploy coating that surrounds the neck and auger and body of the machine. Niploy is a food safe corrosion free material that is designed to last. Compared the light coating options available on the market which have a tendency to chip or rust over time. Other inferior models offer aluminum hoppers, light coatings on the milling components and plastic sauce / drip trays.

MR10 - Specifications 

  • 1.5hp motor
  • 1000 lbs per hour
  • 1000 Watts
  • 110 Volts
  • SP5 Large Hopper Diameter 10.5" / 4.5" depth 
  • Neck Opening 3" diameter 
  • Permanently lubricated main drive gear 
  • Hopper & Screen 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Asynchronous Motor with Condenser 
  • Open style motor for fast cool down
  • Made in Italy 

Included Parts 

  • Fabio Leonardi SP5 Milling Attachment 
  • TC32 Meat Grinder attachment
  • MR10 1.5hp motor
  • Stainless Steel Hopper
  • Stainless Steel Sauce Tray 
  • Nylon plunger 
  • Auger
  • Stainless Steel perforated screen 
  • Instruction Manual 

Machine Care & Maintenance 

Never run your machine dry. Always be sure to have tomatoes in the hopper before turning the unit on to insure the auger and screen have adequate lubrication. After each use you want to disassemble the machine parts and wash them thoroughly with water and a mild non corrosive detergent. Once all parts are clean dry any remaining moisture from all parts. Refer to the instruction manual for further cleaning and maintenance information.

Warranty Info

Each Fabio Leonardi Tomato Machine comes with a 2 year residential product warranty against manufacturer defects. Please note although this machine can be used in restaurant environments it is only warranted for residential usage. Commercial usage does not include manufacturer warranty

What can the MR10 be used for (Important) 

The Mr10 model can be used for a variety of soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes or boiled and cored apples. Dry legumes like beans or chickpeas or anything that is not soft and wet is not recommended. Ferments, cabbage, and other leafy or cruciferous vegetables are not recommended. Only soft fruits and vegetables are designed to be processed in the Mr10 machine. Peppers can be done if boiled and cut into smaller pieces.

Available Attachments 

The MR10 can attach to the TC 22 lmeat grinding attachment to turn this unit into a meat grinding machine.

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