Brass Noodle Cutter Rolling Pin Adjustable

    The adjustable Brass Noodle Cutter Rolling Pin is made in Italy. Featuring heavy duty brass cutting wheels with a robust natural wooden handles for ultimate comfort and quality results. This brass noodle cutter rolling pin can be used for pastry and pasta production and is ideal for food enthusiasts and professional cooks alike.

    • Hand washing is suggested
    • Made in Italy
    • 39 smooth brass wheels
    • Length 13 inches / wheel cutter diameter 1.49 inches
    • 2.38 lbs
    • Spacer width 5 mm 
    • When spacer is installed it yields 0.35 inch width between brass cutters
    • As many spacers can be used to obtain desired pasta width
    • Professional grade heavy duty brass deep grooved cutting edges
    • Durable
    • Ideal for pastry and pasta processing 
    • Artisan quality and production 
    • Anti corrosive and super resistant
    • Includes 2 allen keys
    • Includes 22 spacers

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