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How to Assemble Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Attachments

How to Assemble Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Attachments

In the past we've covered tomato milling buying guides, Fabio Leonardi maintenance tips, tomato milling machine reviews, recipes and more. This week we'll address one of the most common questions we get this time of year about the Fabio Leonardi tomato machines - how you put them together! 

How to Assemble Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Attachments

In our Fabio Leonardi Use, Care and Maintenance article we recommend storing the Fabio tomato attachments dissasembled, lightly oilied and wrapped in tissue paper as this helps prevent oxidization over the winter. While it's pretty easy and intuitive to take the attachment apart, it can be a little tricky to remember how exactly to put it all back together a couple months later. 

The obvious first step in re-assembling the attachment is to take everything out of storage and make sure all parts are accounted for and in good condition. 


In the picture above, you can see all of the components of the milling attachment - you should have your sauce tray, collar, scren, auger, pivot shaft, pivot spring, neck and hopper. If anything is missing or needs replacing, you can find our Fabio Leonardi Parts diagrams here, and the replacement parts we carry on our website here

Once everything's ready to put together, you'll want to follow these steps to assemble the attachment:

  1. Begin by inserting the auger into the screen. 
  2. Slide the auger over the screen with the threads facing towards the widest part of the screen.

3. Next, you'll slide the pivot spring onto the pivot shaft, and insert the shaft into the body of the attachment.

It should look like this if done correctly

4. Line up the hole in the base of the auger with the pivot shaft, and push the auger/screen/collar assembly into the body of the attachment until the threads on the collar line up with the threads on the body. Once lined up, turn the collar counter clock-wise to secure the auger and screen in place. Since the Fabio Leonardi tomato milling attachments are designed to fit very tightly together, this can take a fair amount of force and may require two people. If you are having difficulty securing the collar to the body, it can help to rest the body on a table, counter or work surface. 

Once assembled, the attachment will look like this

5. Finally, secure the sauce tray to the attachment, making sure the lip of the sauce tray sits behind where the collar screws into the body - this will help catch the sauce that leaks out of the connection (this is completely normal). 




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