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Giannini Italian Manufactured Kitchenware Products

Giannini Italian Manufactured Kitchenware Products

Founded in Brescia, Italy in 1951 by Carlo Giannini the Giannini company and their steel warehouses was born from the vision of perfectly balancing functionality, innovation and sleek linear aesthetics. Now with 65 years of experience and expertise in the field - and with teams of renowned designers and technical experts behind every product - Giannini has established a tradition of excellence and become the benchmark standard for Italian quality and design.

Giannina Espresso Maker

Inaugerated in 1968, the Giannina stainless steel stovetop espresso maker has become the product most widely circulated and known product of the Giannini company, and for good reason - winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the Giannina uses an innovative new design to lock the bottom and top pieces of the espresso maker together together. Unlike the traditional stove top espresso maker design which has the two pieces screw together, the Giannina uses a sturdy handle-locking system to hold the two pieces firmly (and safely) together when in use.

With a sleek yet classically elegant stainless steel design the Giannina perfectly epitomizes the functional, innovative and aesthetic vision of Carlo Giannini. Induction compatible and featuring a thick, heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel construction the Giannina stovetop espresso maker is 100% designed, manufactured in Italy, and comes in 13 and 6 and 9 cup sizes.

Giannini Tua Espresso Maker

A new-comer to Giannini’s line of espresso makers the TUA takes stove top espresso maker aesthetics to the next level by providing a series of replacement handles and knobs so that the TUA can be customized to fit the user’s desired look. Handles and knobs come in a variety of different designs, ranging from a design inspired by the Italian flag to one of a Scottish tartan, and can be changed quickly and easily.


While the TUA feature an 18/10 stainless steel design and are induction ready, they do differ from the Giannina line by using the more traditional screw-fastening system but also have a nice innovative design feature themselves - the TUA 3 cup size has an optional converter available to make the stove-top espresso maker compatible with ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) Pods. This adaptor is sadly not available for the larger 6 cup size.

Giannini Infusiera French Press and Giannini 1L Infuser

Shifting the focus from espresso to coffee and tea, Giannini extended their eye for design and innovation to two infusers: the Infusiera French Press and the 1L Infuser.

With a design similar to that of a traditional french press, the Infusiera features a thick, double-walled chamber design, allowing it to retain heat twice as long as competing presses. With a solid stainless steel construction, the Infusiera uses a unique handle and plunger design to signify when the press is closed or open for pouring, and is available in a 3 cup (0.35L) and 8 cup (0.9L) sizes.

Unlike the more traditional french press design, the Giannini 1L Infuser features a glass carafe design with a small, internal stainless steel mesh infusing basket that can be lowered into and raised out of the infusing liquid by using an external knob that rests on the top of the lid - allowing for your beverage or infusion to be filtered and poured without having to open the carafe!

 Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding to our range of high-quality Giannini products - be sure to check back often to see the latest additions!

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