Super Martel Professional Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy Tournament Rated Bocce Balls

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The Original Bocce Ball Set from Italy by Super Martel (107mm / (920 Grams Tournament Rated Bocce Balls)

Super Martel premium Italian made Bocce balls are the best available! Play like the pro's and enjoy premium quality Italian crafted materials and workmanship. Bocce ball is a sport designed to get your teams colored balls as close to the white ball as possible. Played on Bocce ball courts or on grass the objective is the winning team throws the white ball and each team takes turns throwing the green or burgundy balls as close as possible. Each ball closest to the white ball is a point until the opposing team's ball is tossed closer.

What makes Super Martel the best Bocce ball in the market? Super Martel are perfectly calibrated by expert craftsmen in Italy, the result is perfectly round and balanced Bocce ball. This provides perfect straight play from start to finish, and additionally have a fantastic anti-rebound characteristics that elite professionals demand. 

Super Martel creates a level of play not found in department store or big box store sets. If you are serious about Bocce, Super Martel is the set used by professionals for nearly 70 years. Super Martel has been creating professional Bocce balls since 1950. As industry leaders, and professional players, the family run business creates the world's best Bocce balls. This set of 8 Bocce balls and white pallina are the best set in the market, and guaranteed for 10 years free from defect. 

Internal contents of the balls are made with even weighting. Many knockoff brands will use poorly weighted materials that tend to split over time. Super Martel bocce ball set is built for the pros using only the finest materials from Italy. 

  • Super Martel 107mm tournament rated balls 
  • 8 Official Size Bocce balls 107mm (4.25" dia) / 920 grams each ball
  • Bocce ball of the World Bocce champion Bocce team in Italy
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor courts 
  • Professional set for home or tournament 
  • Genuine tournament weights and size exact for each Bocce ball with tournament weight white ball 
  • 8 Official Size Bocce balls 107mm (4.25" dia)
  • 1 white Pallina (white ball) official 50mm (2" dia)
  • Rugged Blue nylon carry bag (Made in Italy)
  • Each ball Laser engraved Made in Italy
  • Lifetime Warranty (Please note warranties are for residential use only and do not apply to professional clubs, business or league play)

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