Stainless Steel Vegetable Press With Painted Base (The Original Torchietto)

Designed for the pressing of olives, eggplants, fruits, tomatoes and more. Specializing in removing liquids from solids, these units boast a solid threaded shaft & bolted heavy duty posts to support the crank wheel. A solid steel perforated basket sits within a bowl, and a drain pipe located at the bottom. Simply put your vegetables/fruits into the perforated basket and use the solid turning handle to compress liquids out. The dried vegetables or fruit will stay within the perforated basket and all liquid will drain into the solid steel pail, and out through the drain pipe.

These machines share the same basket with our other Professional Vegetable Press line up.
For expected heavy duty use, please select the Professional Vegetable Press for more durability.

  • Dark Orange Painted Base
  • Solid Food-Grade Steel Construction
  • Extra Strong Bolted Support Posts
  • Threaded 3/4 Inch Thick Steel Threaded Shaft
  • Corrosion Resistant Painted Steel Base With Rubberized Edge
  • Made in Italy 
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • This product will squeeze liquids from solids with a ratchet style press system. These are mainly used for soft fruits and vegetables. Olives can be pressed, but may need to be crushed before proper olive oil extraction can proceed. Please note,  for fruits and vegetables with extra fine seeds you will require a cheese cloth or bag be put inside the perforated basket.


  • Base Diameter - 9 Inches / 23cm
  • Height - 10.5 Inches / 27cm
  • Max Height - 17 Inches / 43cm
  • Inner Basket - 5 Inches / 13cm
  • Outer Basket - 6 Inches / 15cm
  • Basket Height - 4.5 Inches / 11.5cm
  • Handle Length - 8.5 Inches / 21cm
  • Spout Diameter - 0.55 Inch / 14mm
  • Basket Thickness - 0.5mm

Please note that due to the manufacturing processes used for these presses, small inconsistencies in paint coverage and small nicks may occur. 

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