Professional Spiedini and Arrosticini Maker
(Makes 256 Skewers)

For those serious about their skewers, the Professional Spiedini and Arrosticini Maker is the perfect way to prepare a large quantity of skewers quickly and easily. Made from durable food-grade polyethylene, this professional skewer maker has solid walls 15mm thick, making it tough and strong enough to stand up to heavy use from restaurants, catering, community gatherings or large get-togethers.
Making 256 skewers at a time, the Professional Spiedini and Arrosticini Maker works in the same way as smaller speidini makers: simply layer your meat inside the box, top with the lid, insert your skewers into the evenly-space holes in the lid, and use the slots along the sides of the box to cut the final shape of your finished skewers. Though predominantly used for creating meat skewers such as spiedini, spiducci, arrosticini, satay and kebabs, this professional skewer maker can also be used with breads, semi-firm and firm cheeses,  and some fruits or vegetables. 
  • Heavy duty food-grade polyethylene construction 
  • Makes 256 skewers
  • Perfect for spiedini, arrosticini, spiducci, satay, and a range of kebabs
  • Dimensions: 29 cm x 29 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: 6.0 kg - 14LB
  • Metal brackets for fastening directly to a work surface

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