Premium Pasta Extruder with Brass Dies (Made in Italy)

Consiglio's introduces the manual premium pasta extruder, 100 percent made in Italy with 5 brass die plates. Undoubtedly the best pasta extruder on the market, designed with a die-cast aluminum body, brass auger and 5 brass die plates. The pasta extruder is 0.7 kg in weight and includes a table clamp, anti slip-mat, long handle for functionality and screw band to secure the brass die plates in place. 

The assembly of the machine is simple and comes almost completely assembled. To fasten the extruder to a firm surface put the appliance perpendicular, insert the anti-slip mat, tighten table clamp firmly,  tighten screw band around the brass die plate and insert handle into the housing. Changing the die plate is fast and simple with your choice of spaghetti, squared spaghetti, maccheroni, caserecce and bucatini.

General Use Indications: 
The dough being passed through the extruder should be well-worked (not too dry or too wet) and cut into parts, this way it will be easier to push through the machine. We recommend powering the machine by turning the handle with a consistent motion for best results. 

Safety Tips: 
The pasta extruder is designed to pull the dough using the auger through the dies. Do not use your hands or other instruments for safety precautions. Keep hands away from the moving auger. 

Cleaning Tips: 
Disassemble entire machine and manually wash each part with warm water and dish soap. Be sure to thoroughly dry the unit completely*. For dry dough, you can clean the dies holes using a pin/needle. After drying the machine, lubricate the helix part with vaseline oil (or food grade oil). Store in a dry place. 

5 Brass Die Cuts Included: 
- Rounded spaghetti 2.2 mm
- Squared spaghetti (chitarra, also known as schialatielli)
- Maccheroni 8 mm
- Caserecce
- Bucatini 4.5 mm 

Parts Included: 
- Extruder body
- Brass auger
- 5 brass dies
- 3 red washers
- Plastic screw band
- Handle
- Anti-slip mat
- Instructions

- 1 year residential warranty. 
(This product is not warranted for commercial use).
- Made in Italy 

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