Giannini - Poultry Shears

Quickly, easily and safely break down whole chicken or poultry with the Giannini Poultry Shears. Featuring sharp, 5" stainless steel curved blades and easy-grip non-slip handles, the Giannini Poultry Shears are excellent for breaking down breaking down poultry, butterflying chicken breasts, cleaning small to mid-sized fish and are perfect for cracking and cleaning crab and lobster!
- Perfect for messy or slippery tasks, especially those where a traditional chef's knife or cleaver might be too unwieldy, slippery or dangerous. 
- 5" stainless steel curved blades, with notch for easy bone breaking and separation. 
- Sturdy non-slip ergonomic polypropylene and rubber handles. 
- Locking mechanism on handles to keep blades safely shut when not in use. 
- Item number 24811
- Dishwasher safe 
Always clean any kitchen tool or gadget thoroughly after use with raw poultry!

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