Giannini - Hearts - Silicone Chocolate Tray

Light, flexible and resilient the Giannini Heart Chocolate Molds are ideal for making homemade chocolates, confections, biscuits, gelatins and ice cubes. Safe for use in both the oven and freezer, the Giannini Silicone Molds are temperature resistant from -40 C to + 230 C (-40  to +446 F). Durable silicone construction allows for the molds to retain their shape even after being folded. 

Naturally non-stick, Giannini Silicone Molds do not require the use of fats or oils making them an ideal choice for healthy homemade cooking and baking. 

  • 15 heart-shaped cavities per tray 
  • High-quality silicone
  • Oven and freezer safe
  • Temperature resistant from -40 C to + 230 C (-40 F to +446 F)
  • Do not put directly over fire 
  • Item no. 24933 

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