Giannini - 5L Pressure Cooker

Safe, fast, and energy efficient the Giannini 5L Pressure Cooker allows for the preparation of your favourite meals in a fraction of the time! Instead of allowing steam generated from moisture evaporated during the cooking process to escape, pressure cookers use tight seals, a tight-fitting locking lid, and a series of steam and safety vales to keep steam tightly within the pot - keeping the foods within under pressure, and allowing for higher temperatures to be reached,working to drastically reduce cooking time while retaining aroma and flavour typically lost to the evaporation process. 
Featuring a safety locking system, an automatic safety valve, a manual safety valve and an automatic emergency valve the Giannini 5L pressure cooker is designed to ensure the utmost in safety. Compatible with gas, induction, electric and ceramic stove tops. 
  • 5L/ 5.28 qt. capacity
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel (body thickness 0.6mm)
  • Heat-resistant handles 
  • Induction compatible
  • Automatic, manual and emergency safety valves 
  • Locking Handle
  • Item no. 24152
  • Thoroughly read instruction manual prior to use. 
General Pressure Cooking Times: 

Braised/Roast Beef

25-40 min


8 min


15-20 min


2-3 min


20-30 min


6 min


20 min


3 min

Fresh Beans

4-5 min


8 min


6 min


3 min


1 min

Fresh Green Beans

1 min


Vegetable Soup

7-10 min


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