Giannina 9 cup Stainless Steel Stove Top Espresso Maker (#104)

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, Giannina is the pinnacle of modern stove top espresso makers. Featuring a unique no-screw, lock-tight handle snap fastening system - patented by Carlo Giannini in 1968 - and an extra thick 18/10 stainless steel construction, Giannina stove top espresso makers are designed and built for the utmost in functionality and durability. 

Consiglio's offers a valid US authorized 10 year manufacturer warranty. Other sellers that ship from overseas do not offer valid North American warranties. We are an authorized Giannini dealer since 1975. 

Giannina's newest 9 cup model (#104) is induction ready. The handle on the 9 cup model is the standard Giannina handle, however due to the larger size of this pot the handle does not heat up as much as smaller Giannina stove top espresso makers. You can easily handle this espresso maker after a brew is completed, we always recommend to test the handle by touch before grabbing fully. It is also always recommended on gas ranges to keep the flame under the base at all times.  
  • Includes a reducer to convert to 6 cup brewing capacity
  • All components 100% stainless steel including filter, reducer and funnel 
  • 9 cup or 6 cups (approx. 1.78oz per cup) with reducer included 
  • 18oz or 532 ml or oz or 266ml total volume if using included reducer 
  • Height: 8.66" 
  • Base: 4.52" diameter base
  • Design by Carlo Giannini 
  • Heavy duty 18/10 stainless steel 
  • Induction ready
  • Patented fastening system
  • To view a demonstration on how to properly open and close Giannina stove tops click here
  • 10 year warranty

    100% Made in Italy!


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