Fabio Leonardi Sp3 Premium Manual Tomato Machine Niploy Coating

Fabio Leonardi's SP3 Niploy coated manual tomato machine. This model not to be confused with fabio's ligher quality line with shiny silver coating offers premium materials and construction. Designed to separate seeds and skins from tomatoes leaving only fine puree sauce. What is the Niploy coating? This is a food grade coating that is built right through the steel and neck / auger components providing a heavy duty finish that is chip resistant and designed to last.

Please Note - Fabio Manual Squeezers do not include the plunger or rubber table clamp guard as listed in the manual. This does not affect usability of product, for plunger we recommend a wooden spoon as the auger is very close to the hopper opening. 

Included with this squeezer is the 18/10 stainless steel hopper, sauce tray and crank handle. This milling machine clamps to table top surfaces with approx 2" of clamp space. 

Hopper - 10" diameter x 4" depth 
Unit Dimension - 14" L x 9"W x 16" H

Made in Italy with a 2 year product warranty
Important note - Our Version is made from the premium niploy material not to be confused with the inferior Sp3 & Sp5 light coatings available on the market. Below are some images to help you distinguish these products. The niploy will last longer, is built right through the steel and provides chip, rust and tarnish resistance. 
              Premium Niploy 

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