Cubo Italian Spiedini / Arrosticini Maker (Makes100)

This is a premium Italian spiedini / arrosticini maker constructed of solid stainless steel. This unit will make 100 spiedini approx 5" long each. The top and bottom are made from food grade nylon to insert your kebab sticks and the sides have slots to insert your cutting knife. Cubo Italian Spiedini / arrosticini makers are made from premium materials and designed to last. The Cubo Spiedini maker is also refereed to as arrosticni maker or spiedini / spiducci maker which are various traditional Italian terms for these small kebabs. 
Why make your own spiedini? Making homemade spiedini while fun is also a healthier and cheaper way to consume spiedini. With the ability to control fat and ingredients you can choose the consistency of your spiedini and test new recipes in your own home. While these Cubo spiedini / arrosticini makers are traditionally used for lamb you can also make chicken or beef spiedini using the same format. If you are a spiedini lover you know these little succulent kebabs can be expensive especially when purchased from local supermarkets or butchers, by making spiedini at home you can avoid these high costs! 
  • Makes 100 Spiedini 
  • 5" length each Spiedini 
  • Stainless steel exterior grids 
  • Food grade nylon bottom and top
  • The Original CUBO Spiedini maker 
  • Made in Italy 
  • 5 year warranty 

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