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Fast free U.S shipping over $99.99!

Sausage Making Machines

Many of our customers ask us why sausage stuffers or sausage filling machines are better than using  traditional meat grinder for sausage making. 

Sausage making machines and sausage stuffers are designed to compress ground meat through the cylinder using a crank style system.  This system is better than using your meat grinder to stuff your sausage casings because they remove air pockets and create better consistency offering a better sausage result. Sausage making machines also provide faster operation and are easier to operate than traditional meat grinding and sausage filling recipes.  

Our sausage stuffers and sausage filling machines are made from food grade stainless steel and are available in 3, 5, 7 , 10 & 15L sizes designed for home use or professional / butcher operation. Built into the plunger is the silicone washer which creates an air tight fit inside the stuffer cylinder. This air tight fit allows the sausage stuffing machine to create perfect consistancy when filling sausages into you casings. By simply putting your casings over one of the 4 included stuffing tube sizes you can quickly create sausage for BBQ or cured meat recipes quickly and easily.  

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