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Ravioli Makers

How To Use the Ravioli Makers! 
Raviolissima - Step 1
Prepare the sheet of dough with the Atlas Pasta Machine, making sure that you pass it for the last time through setting 5 as the appropriate thickness. The sheet of dough must be dryish, but not completely dry.
Raviolissima - Step 2 The ideal length for a sheet of dough is 20" to 30". If using an Atlas 150, cut it to the proper width using the special roller.
Raviolissima - Step 3 Flour the dough lightly.
Raviolissima - Step 4 Fold the sheet of dough in half and insert it into the Raviolissima. If your model has a separate feeder unit, first install in place and then insert the folded sheet of dough into the feeder unit until it reaches the rollers. Crank the handle 1/4 turn to introduce the sheet into the rollers.
Raviolissima - Step 5 Open the folded dough like a book over the wooden or metal rollers.
Raviolissima - Step 6 Insert about 3 teaspoons of filling between the sheets of dough and spread it evenly.
Raviolissima - Step 7 Turn the handle very slowly, and check to make sure that the ravioli are coming out straight and not getting stuck under the Raviolissima.
Raviolissima - Step 8 If the first ravioli should get stuck, remove it manually and straighten the sheet from the underside, so the rest will come out in good shape.
Raviolissima - Step 9 Slowly turn the handle, and keep adding filling as needed.
Raviolissima - Step 10 When the entire sheet has been rolled through the Raviolissima, place it on a flat cloth to dry. After drying, the ravioli will be easier to separate.