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Making an Adjustment to the Meat Slicer Carriage

Below are guidelines on how to make an adjustment to the carriage of your meat slicer. 

In some cases the carriage may be aligned to close to the blade or surrounding area, and it may be making contact. Below are easy steps to resolve this.

**Always UNPLUG the slicer when doing any adjustments or cleaning***

If your slicer looks like the below photos, simple adjustments can be made to resolve it. 

Step 1: Loosen the knob of the food tray/carriage. Please see the photo below. 

Step 2:  Adjust the screw on the bottom of the food tray/carriage, and ensure the food tray/carriage moves toward the outside. Please see photos below. 

Below is where the screws outlined above can be located on the slicer. 

Once the above is complete, the carriage will no longer touch the siding of the blade. 

To view a demo video on how to clean the blade please click here.