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Frequently Asked Questions About My Marcato Atlas 150

The philosophy of well-made things has distinguished Marcato since 1930, when the work, passion and ingeniousness of Otello Marcato gave rise to products appreciated all over the world today. 

Fun fact: In the 1930's Otello Marcato started his business behind his house and created the first pasta machine for rolling pasta out. He used his bike as a means for transportation to sell his product to families in neighboring villages.

Fun fact: In 1938 the first factory was established in Campodarsego in the province of Padua, Italy. 
  • For an e-version of the Marcato Atlas 150 Manual click here.
  • For an e-version of the Marcato Motor Manual click here.
  • For commonly asked questions, faqs and tips click here. 
Each Marcato Atlas pasta maker has mineral oil set inside the gears and rollers. This oil is used to ensure smooth functionality, consistency and is food safe. The oil can appear on the exterior of the pasta maker as it is manually applied and packed by hand.

Once you receive and open your new Marcato Atlas machine it is not uncommon for some mineral oil to appear on the exterior. You can simply wipe the excess off with a dry clean cloth. 

The excess mineral oil can leave marks on the interior of the box.

What is the best way to clean my pasta maker? 
"While making the pasta, it is inevitable for the machines to get soiled with dough, flour and liquids. The outer surfaces may be cleaned easily with a cloth and paintbrush, while we have developed removable resin combs to thoroughly clean the cutting rollers.
To remove the combs and clean them we recommend reading the instructions provided in the product’s manual or see the specific video.
Caution: never wash the products under running water or in the dishwasher!" 


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