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Fabio Leonardi Self-Lubricating Grease in Motors

For over a hundred years, Fabio Leonardi has manufactured the world’s best tomato milling and meat grinding machines. Using Italian stainless steel and niploy-treated cast iron, Fabio Leonardi uses only the very best, industry leading components and materials. The motors have self-lubricating grease, this means you will never have to add grease to the machine.

The internal motor and gearbox have enough double 00 grease to last the machine's lifetime and far beyond. Fabio Leonardi purposely puts extra grease to account for any that may escape during transit. Furthermore, during the initial use grease can escape due to the excess amount within the unit. The grease would escape from the motor connection, this is where the motor connects to the tomato or meat grinding attachment. This is completely normal and the motor will still have all the grease needed to operate.

During shipping some grease can escape and leak out of the motor onto the machine and into the box. Below are photos for your reference.