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Swiss Diamond Cookware

Swiss Diamond Cookware offers the finest non-stick real diamond crystal surface. We know this because we have tested and tried this cookware ourselves here at Consiglio's and were astonished at how well they performed. Food literally slides around the pan without sticking! The secret is in the non toxic super hard real diamond crystal coating! 
Swiss Diamond Cookware pan's have approx 200,000 diamond crystals infused into the coating creating this long lasting revolutionary non-stick surface. 

As a privately held company situated in Sierra Switzerland which is located in the Swiss Alps, Swiss Diamond has perfected the art of diamond coating. This attention to detail and quality separates Swiss Diamond Cookware from other brands and fulfilled the demands for better quality non-stick surfaces. Swiss Diamond's Patented Cookware was honored with a Golf Medal award in 1999 at the international inventors fair in Geneva!

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