Complete Spiedini / Arrosticini Maker Set

Coming with everything you need to get started with making your own homemade spiedini, arrosticini, spidducci, or favourite skewers, our Complete Spiedini / Arrosticini Maker Set comes with one (1) Cubo Spiedini Maker, one (1) Knife for Spiedini and Arrosticini, and one (1) set of Wooden Spiedini/Arrosticini Skewers (100 pcs.)
Italian-made, the Cubo Spiedini Maker features a stainless steel and food-grade nylon construction, and streamlines the process of making your favourite skewers by the batch - simply layer your meat of choice in the Cubo Spiedini Maker, put the nylon lid in place, and insert your wooden skewers (preferably pre-soaked to prevent scorching) into the evenly spaced holes. Once all skewers are in place, insert your knife into the slits along the Cubo Spiedini Maker to slice your individual skewers.  

Cubo Spiedini Maker

  • Makes 100 Spiedini

  • Food Grade Nylon

  • Stainless Steel

  • Made in Italy

Wooden Spiedini / Arrosticini Skewers

  • 100 pcs.

  • Length: 250 mm

  • Diameter: 3 mm

  • Made in Italy

Knife for Spiedini / Arrosticini

  • Knife Blade Length: 26cm

  • Knife Lenght with Handle: 40cm

  • Made in Italy


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