Our Imperia Ravioli trays are made of anodized pressed aluminum
on a steel enameled base with non-slipping rubber feet
! Made In Italy

  • Makes 12, 1.5" inch diameter square ravioli with round cavity 
  • Includes Italian beech wood rolling pin
  • Easy read recipes & instructions included
  • Full manufacturers warranty

Instructions for use

  • Prepare your pasta sheets with a pasta maker .
  • Dust one side of the dough with fllour, floured side should face down on mold.
  • Place your pasta sheet over the ravioli tray, make sure to overlap edges of tray.
  • Push a teaspoon size of filling in each ravioli cavity.
  • Place another sheet of pasta over the fillings, allow to overlap ravioli tray edges.
  • Using your palms flatten down the dough & filling removing any air pockets. 
  • With a rolling pin start at the center and lightly roll over dough into moulds.
  • Turn the tray over , your ravioli will fall from the tray.
  • Voila.... Your healthy Italian homemade ravioli are ready for cooking.

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