New Commercial Quality Stainless
Steel Pot - 71 L / 75 Qt

New Commercial Quality Stainless Steel pot, redesigned, high quality stainless steel restaurant grade.

Our professional/commercial stainless steel pots are made only from high grade stainless steel. The base is stainless steel for heavy duty boiling and even heat distribution. Each pot has solid welded handles allowing you to pick up the pots regardless of the weight of the material in the pot,  heavy duty lid is included with every pot including a solid stainless lift handle.
These cookware pots are ideal for the boiling of tomatoes or vegetables in large quantities for preservation or canning. The pots are also designed for the boiling of glass canning jars directly boiled in the pot. Many restaurants/caterers use our pots in their commercial kitchens day in and day out, enjoying the quality and craftsmanship of these pots.
  • Diameter: 17.7 inches 
  • Height: 17.7 inches 
  • Highest quality pot on market 
  • Restaurant and commercial grade quality
  • Thickest stainless steel insures a lifetime of use 
  • Extra thick lid 
  • Commercial welded handles and lid handle 
  • Used by restaurants, professionals, and home canning users
  • Stainless steel lasts longer and is much healthier than aluminum boiling pots 
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel

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