Premium 15.5 lbs Vertical Sausage Stuffer T7L

Making sausage has never been easier than with our premium all stainless steel sausage stuffer line! Available in 6, 12, 15 , 24 and 32 Lbs capacity and can be used for home or professional operations alike. Unlike other brands these sausage stuffers are made from extra thick stainless steel insuring long lasting durability. With 1.5" thick crank shaft (2" on 24 and 32 lbs stuffers) and solid steel hand crank you can make sausage quickly with the perfect speed and consistency necessary. 

Included with this sausage stuffer is 4 stuffing tubes! Tube diameters - 1.5cm / 2cm / 3cm / 4cm / 
Why use a sausage stuffer instead of your meat grinders stuffing option? When making sausage speed and consistency are paramount. Sausage stuffers allow for the perfect amount of control and form thick juicy sausages. Meat grinders often operate too quickly or allow too much air into the mixture giving you undesirable results. 
How this unit works? While inserting your ground meat mixture into the cylinder you place your cylinder into the slots in center of the sausage stuffers tower. Once inserted you can begin to slowly, crank the piston down which will force the sausage through one of your 4 stuffing tubes which range from 1/2" for thin Barese style sausage all the way up to 2" for larger Italian and Polish style sausages. Your fresh casings will wrap around your stuffer tube and can be purchased at a local butcher supply. 
  • Now with all steel gears!  
  • Dimensions:26*30*65 cm
  • Package Size: 31*35*70cm
  • Specification: φ140 * 320cm
  • includes air release valve
  • Materials: S/S304
  • 2 Year Warranty 

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