Pastalinda Pasta Dryer Red 

The Pastalinda brand was founded in Italy in 1950, soon after the founders moved to Argentina where all Pastalinda products are manufactured. The Pastalinda founders pride themselves in offering quality, durability and design in the products they manufacture. Not only will you have the tools to produce restaurant quality food, but you can also do it in style!

The retractable Pastalina Pasta Dryer is great for pasta enthusiasts and chefs. It is perfect for drying your pasta or simply hanging it neatly until you are going to cook it.  This tool frees up counter space and allows you to prepare larger quantity of pasta at once. The retractable feature makes for convenient and simple storage. 

  • Color, red and clear
  • 12 polycarbonate arms each 20 cm long 
  • Removable arms to place and remove pasta 
  • Allows drying of all types of long style pasta
  • Retractable arms that save space, easy to store
  • Stainless steel central shaft for optimal support
  • Sturdy foot support for base 
  • Total height 40 cm / 15.7"
  • Made in Argentina


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