Pastalinda Classic Chrome Pasta Maker 

The Pastalinda brand was founded in Italy in 1950, soon after the founders moved to Argentina where all Pastalinda products are manufactured. The Pastalinda founders pride themselves in offering quality, durability and design in the products they manufacture. Not only will you have the tools to produce restaurant quality food, but you can also do it in style!

Pastalinda Classic Pasta Maker is like no other on the market. This robust machine has a built in adjustable knob relieving the need for any additional attachments to produce long style pasta. The adjustable knob allows you to switch from fettuccine to spaghetti without having to add or remove an attachment. This all-in-one built in pasta maker has 9 dough thicknesses, produces fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagna sheets with an optional ravioli attachment. 

Home cooks, food enthusiasts and chefs prefer the Pastalinda pasta maker as the robust body of the machine allows larger production with faster results. This pasta maker is effective for small professional and commercial application. The wide non metal rollers handle different types of dough ranging from pasta, pastry and cookie dough with precision. The two commercial grade clamps hold the machine firmly in place while the over sized handle allows comfortable use with high effectiveness. 

  • Colour, Chrome
  • Produces spaghetti and fettuccine 
  • Cuts long style pasta with straight edge 
  • 9 dough thicknesses via adjustable built in knob
  • Dough sheet width 20 cm/7.9 inch wide rollers
  • Thickness range of noodles: 2.5 mm to 7.5 mm wide
  • Durable strong, metal free rollers
  • Stainless steel heavy duty structure
  • Reinforced internal mechanism
  • Available ravioli attachment (sold separately)
  • Stainless steel separator combs
  • Includes two commercial grade clamps that secure pasta machine to counter
  • Clamps expand to accept 6.99 cm/ 2 3/4" table thickness
  • Includes one robust commercial grade handle with over sized grip for effective grip and long lasting use
  • Made in Argentina


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