Natalina's Kitchen Italian Cookbook (Bringing Homemade Back)

La Cucina Di Natalina now has a cookbook: Bringing Home Made Back is loaded with traditional southern Italian recipes following the traditional and techniques of Nonna! Included you will receive 50 recipes offering classics like gnocchi and risotto, minestrone, zucchini flower fritters, and egg plant parmigiana to name a few!

This book does exactly what it claims, bringing home made back in style! Celebrating traditional rituals of homemade meals that have been staples in southern Italian homes for generations. Order Natalina’s book and get everything you need to bring homemade back in your home too! 

Natalina's cook book boasts many products right from Consiglio's! You can see many specialty food prep tools in action, as well as pasta makers from Italy!

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