Marcato Ravioli Tablet Silver
(10 Raviolis at a time)

The Marcato 10-Piece Ravioli Tablet is made in Italy and designed for maximum function and ease of use. The base is made of solid food-grade anodized aluminum that ensures no heavy metals release onto the pasta dough. The removable cutting surface is made of transparent food-grade polycardonate which is easy to clean and always produces a neat, clean and precise cut. 

The anodized aluminum alloy rolling pin features a comfortable ball bearing that reduces the amount of effort and pressure the user needs to apply. 

The Marcato Ravioli Tablet produces 10 ravioli at a time. The square shape of the ravioli, with their large "dome" of dough is ideal for making perfect first course dishes, to be combined with simple or elaborate sauces. 


  • Length: 13.8 inches
  • Width: 4.5 inches
  • Height: 1 inch
  • Colour: Silver and Clear
  • Base Material: aluminum
  • Cutting Surface Material: polycarbonate
  • Piece Count: 3 
  • Made in Italy 


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