La Pietra di Giannini 20 cm Pot

La Pietra di Giannini is a 100% Made in Italy non-stick cookware line. The foundation of this cookware has a water based coating that is enriched with mineral particles that gives hardness and resistance to each piece of cookware. The La Pietra di Giannini line is chemical free, scratch resistant, offers high durability, high thickness and fat-free cooking potential. The La Pietra di Giannini is the perfect addition to the healthy cooks’ kitchen as the enriched mineral water based coating technology allows you to cook without oil. This offers a natural fat free cookware, ideal for healthy eating and quick meal preparation. This Giannini line of cookware is suitable for all cooking hobs including: gas, electric, glass ceramic, radiant heater and induction surfaces.

  • 20 cm Pot
  • Pot depth – 9 cm
  • Diameter of base 16 cm - (Part that touches burner)
  • Lids Available 
  • Induction Ready 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • 100% Made & Assembled in Italy by Giannini 
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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