Are you serious about your prosciutto? Ilsa Italy has you covered with the professional 18/10 locking style prosciutto holder with wooden base, from Italy. Hold prosciutto like in your favorite restaurant or cooking show, with a locking stainless steel system, ideal for multiple sizes of whole prosciutto / ham leg. Prosciutto is Italian cured ham, using the Ilsa prosciutto holder allows you not only to display, but also accurately cut and serve fresh prosciutto, directly from the holder. 

Ilsa Prosciutto Holder Build Quality 

Many prosciutto holders are flimsy with plastic bases, however Ilsa's holder is truly a marvel of craftsmanship. Solid 18/10 staibless steel bars forged and connected by stainless steel screws with heavy duty locking nuts, provide a robust beauty to this piece. Ilsa's ham holder has solid wooden base and handles, no plastic or particle board with a clean lacquered finish. 

Locking Mechanism

With the Ilsa stainless steel locking mechanism you can forget about a loose hold, or flimsy grip. Included are solid stainless steel teeth, combined with the spring loaded mechanism will lock and hold the puncturing pins located on the internal bars, firmly into the prosciutto leg. 


  • 100% Made in Italy 
  • AKA - Morsa Per Prosciutto in Italian 
  • Solid Wood Base
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel 
  • Professional Quality
  • Solid Wood Handles 
  • 2 year Manufacturer Warranty 


  • L - 60cm
  • W - 25
  • H - 20cm

Opening of locking mechanism Width 

  • Opening of locking system max width 19cm x 35 cm deep 

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