Giannini Vegetalia Non-Stick 28cm Grill Pan

Giannini Vegetalia Non-Stick 28cm Grill Pan is 100% Made in Italy and non-stick using "Ollia Tech" technology. Ollia Technology is a combination of fine mix vegetable oils combined with a ceramic coating for an incredibly durable, scratch resistant and chemical free non-stick coating. Giannini Vegetalia cookware offers even heat distribution with 5 layer thick cookware construction "smooth as oil, hard as stone" and induction ready. Designed not only for functionality, Giannina Vegetalia offers beautiful wood look handles and earth friendly green ceramic coating, designed to stand out in the most discerning kitchens. 

Cooking with the Giannini Vegetalia is simple, you can cook without oil as the Ollia Technology maintains smooth non-stick surface. This is a natural fat free cooking pan, ideal for healthy eating and fast meal preparation . 

  • 28cm Grill Pan 
  • Pan Depth - 5cm 
  • Lids Available 
  • Induction Ready 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • 100% Made & Assembled in Italy by Giannini 
  • ART 6561 
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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