Fabio Leonardi Sp3 Manual Tomato Mill - Stagnato

Fabio Leonardi's SP3 cast iron manual tomato machine. Designed to separate seeds and skins from tomatoes leaving only fine puree sauce. Offering Fabio Leonardi's traditional strong tin coating which is designed to be anti corrosive and tarnish free! A great alternative to the more costly Niploy coating versions and ideal for home use operation! 

Included with this squeezer is the 18/10 stainless steel hopper, sauce tray and crank handle. This milling machine clamps to table top surfaces with approx. 2" of clamp space. 

Hopper - 10" diameter x 4" depth 
Unit Dimension - 14" L x 9"W x 16" H

Made in Italy with a 2 year product warranty

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