Fabio Leonardi 10kg Sausage Stuffers are among the highest quality horizontal Sausage stuffers in the market today. Made 100% in the Bologna region of Italy, the company spans 5 generations and over 100 years in existence. Bologna is often touted as Italy’s cured meat capital.

Fabio Leonardi sausage stuffers offer premium heavy gauge stainless steel canisters with spring loaded air release valves on the plunger. Fabio’s design provides an airtight canister, subsequently creating sausage without air bubbles or pockets of empty space in the casings. This design is used in butcher shops around the world and is suitable for restaurant quality results.

The gears system is all metal and is dual gear dual speed system. The slower gear is for perfecting sausage extraction while the faster gear can be used to remove the plunger to refill the canister quickly. The exterior of the stuffers are premium brushed stainless steel. The hand crank is solid steel with an ergonomic handle. Fabio provides dual table clamps designed to affix the stuffer securely to any table top. This allows the stuffer to be used by a single person so the focus remains solely on handling your casings and extraction speed. The fastening bolts of the Fabio Leonardi sausage stuffer are stainless steel, and the craftsmanship of each sausage stuffer is exactly what you would expect from finely crafted Italian made products.

Fabio’s Italian made sausage stuffers are designed to last a lifetime and a piece of food processing equipment you can proudly pass from generation to generation.

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