Extra Large Spiedini Arrosticini BBQ & Grill (80 cm/31.5")

Perfect for Arrosticini, Spiedini or Spidduci, these large spiedini BBQs are individually handcrafted Italy with all of the experience and excellence of Italian heritage and workmanship. Made from durable 0.8 mm Italian stainless steel, these grills are strong, sturdy, and feature foldable legs, making them easily portable and even easier to store. 
Strategically placed holes line the sides of the Large Spiedini Arrosticini BBQ to optimize airflow, and a separate chamber runs along the bottom-side of the bbq to further facilitate air supply and flow to the charcoal, allowing for cooking temperatures of up to 700 degrees (F.) to be reached, while preventing hot spots and ensuring even burning. 
Coming in at 78cm tall (30.8") and weighing (10.3 lbs), these Extra Large Spiedini Arrosticini BBQs are easily portable, making them perfect for get-togethers, tailgate parties and picnics. Perfect for spiedini, spiducci, arrosticini or other meat or vegetable skewers, simply arrange your sticks so that they over hang each side of the grill, suspending your food directly above the hot coals. Allow the BBQ to fully cool after use before touching or transporting. 


  • Extra Large Charcoal Spiedini/Arrosticini BBQ
  • Makes 40-50 Standard Spiedini on Average
  • Made from 0.8mm gauge Italian Steel 
  • No assembly required 
  • Foldable legs for easy storage 
  • Weight 10.3lbs
  • Height: 78 cm (30.8")
  • Total Length: 110 cm (43.5")
  • Cooking Surface Length: 100 cm (39.37")
  • Width: 14 cm (5.5")
  • Width of Cooking Area: 11 cm (4.3")
  • Comes with 30 cm (12") grill grate
  • Air Flow System for even heating and high cooking temperatures

Note: Due to the handmade nature of these grills, there may be small weld marks present on the barbecue you receive. 

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