Euro Scrubby 5 Pack -  Multi Purpose Cleaning Pad (5 pcs.)

Renowned for being the very best, most versatile scrubby on the market, the Euroscrubby is a multipurpose cleaning pad that SCRUBS without SCRATCHING - tackling even the most difficult scrubbing jobs with ease without scratching the surface underneath! 

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor use, the Euroscrubby is perfect for tackling difficult pots and pans, and can even be safely used on non-stick fry-pans and glass/ ceramic stove tops without scratching. 

  • Bathroom: Use Euroscrubby for porcelain sinks and tubs, marble and tile counter tops, glass shower doors and more!
  • Kitchen: Use Euroscrubby for non-stick pans including Teflon surfaces, cooktops (including glass and ceramic), stainless steel cookware, enameled cast iron cookware such as Le Creuset and Staub, and more. 
  • Outdoor: Garden tools, wooden and plastic patio furniture, boats, pools, barbecues and more!
  • Other Uses: The Euroscrubby is great for root vegetable cleaning, removing bug deposits on windshields, removing hard water deposits and more!
  • Made in Europe
Euroscrubby cleaning pads come in a range of colours and patterns - meaning the scrubbies you receive will not be identical to those shown in the image above. 

Before using Euroscrubby on painted or sensitive surfaces, test on a small hidden area.

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