Super Intenso is an organic fresh roasted blend of premium espresso. The Intenso's bean is roasted longer to provide a robust powerful espresso flavor. Ideal for strong taste and great for milk based beverages like cappuccino or latte. Consiglio's Espresso is a blend of fine freshly roasted espresso beans designed for your manual or super automatic espresso machine. Since 1975 Consiglio's has perfected the art of espresso coffee and now through years of experience we bring you the highest grade of espresso. The secret is frequent fresh roasting and premium high grown beans. Our espresso is packed air tight and roasted daily unlike many other brands that roast months prior to reaching retail shelves. We guarantee you will love our espresso and enjoy a golden crema like no other blend. A blend of Arabica and Asian robusta beans provide a delicious and balanced espresso. 

  • 2.2 lbs - 1kg bag of whole beans
  • Ideal for short, long, Americano & any milk based beverage
  • Roasted daily
  • Organic Espresso
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Dark Roast 

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