Consiglio's premium fresh roast that came in three popular flavors - now adds a Fourth! Our tasters Quartet is a great way for you to find the perfect roast for your personal taste. 4Kg (6.6lbs) of fresh roasted espresso!

Aroma Eccellente (Gold) has the most subtle flavor, while using premium high grown Arabica and roasted to the perfect consistency for light, sweet and aromatic espresso flavor with golden crema.
Super Crema (Black) is a stronger more robust flavor also roasted using premium Arabica and high grown robusta for an extra thick restaurant style crema. Although all of our espresso's will produce golden crema this roast is formulated to produce an extra thick head on your espresso. Sweet and subtle flavor with little aftertaste Super Crema is a true espresso lovers delight. 

Super Intenso (Redis our longest roasted bean, noticeably darker than our other espresso beans. Super Intenso provides an intense espresso flavor typical of your Italian espresso bars. High grown Arabica blended with Asian robusta give you the real Italian Ristretto (short) espresso experience. Also perfect for mixing with milk based beverages like latte or cappuccino.

Espresso Casa
(Silver) Formulated from the highest grade aromatic Arabicas sourced from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia and Sumatra while blended with Robusta from India. Espresso Casa by Consiglio's is a fresh roast whole bean espresso designed for your super automatic and manual espresso machines and blended for the perfect golden crema.

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