Consiglio's Cavatelli maker has been crafted from years of experience and will create traditional Cavatelli otherwise known as Gnochetti Sardi or Gnocchi. Makes large or small Cavatelli just like in the old country! Designed by Italians for optimal use including premium food grade wooden rollers. Following the instructions and provided recipes watch as this home made dumpling maker quickly swings your dough up against the interior ridges to create a textured dumpling or Italian Cavatelli. Table clamp and sturdy crank include. 
-10" H x 4.5" W 
- Table Clamp: 1.5inch when fully open
- Rollers - Two 2" Wooden Rollers. 
- Solid Metal Construction 
- Recipe & Instructions Included 
- For residential use only not for restaurant use 
* For best results use "00" flour or all purpose flour* 

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