Chestnut Roaster with Motor (Tosta Castagne)

Roasting Chestnuts with the ease of using Ferraboli's Chestnut Roaster with motor ensures every chestnut is evenly and perfectly roasted to enjoy. The Tosta Castagne Chestnut Roaster is made in Italy and includes a battery operated motor (battery not included) that rotates the stainless steel perforated container over the gas element. 

Battery Motor: 
1.5 volts monocell D battery-motor, robust and insensitive to heat, service time approx. 10-14 hours with one battery, motor head and spit guide made of metal, suitable for spits up to 6.25 mm. Battery not included*.


Directions as per the box instructions: 
1. You should cut the chestnuts before putting them in the stainless steel container (about 1 kg/ 1200 grams). 
2. The perforated container should be placed carefully on the appropriate wire perch (see pictures). 
3. The motor is battery operated (battery not included*). The motor hooks onto the stainless steel plate and connects to the container. 
4. The chestnut roaster should be placed on the gas stove top. 
5. The gas must be well fed and the chestnuts should be cooked in 25-30 minutes. 
6. We recommend a burner not exceeding 10 cm to prevent  the motor from overheating or getting damaged. 
7. Please be careful when opening the chestnut roaster and use protection (oven mitts) to prevent burns. 

*Follow instructions included in product box. 

D Cell Battery Not Included 

Made in Italy.

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