Caron & Doucet - Cutting Board Oil (236ml) 

Made from 100%  natural ingredients, Caron & Doucet's Cutting Board Oil is formulated from highly refined coconut oil. While most cutting board oils available are mineral oil based (a petroleum by-product), Caron & Doucet's Cutting Board Oil is renewable, vegan, and ethical way to protect your wooden and bamboo kitchenware, cutting boards, butcher blocks and counters from moisture, damage and cracking. 
To use, gently clean your wooden kitchenware with hot water and a gentle, natural soap. Once thoroughly dried, apply a thin layer of Caron & Doucet's Cutting Board Oil, using either your hands or a clean cloth to work the oil into the wood - the Cutting Board Oil's highly refined coconut oil base will absorb deeply and quickly, while Caron & Doucet's proprietary blend of all-natural essential oils will naturally eliminate food preparation odour retention, leaving your wooden cutting boards and kitchenware fresh, protected, and more gorgeous than ever!
Product Of Canada

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