Caron & Doucet - Cast Iron Oil (236ml) 

Made from 100%  natural ingredients, Caron & Doucet's Cast Iron Oil is formulated from highly refined coconut oil. While other vegetable based oils used for seasoning and protecting cast iron are prone to rancidity, Caron & Doucet's Cast Iron Oil is formulated and designed to resist rancidity, accentuating the refined coconut oil base with a lemongrass essential oil to naturally prevent food preparation odour retention. 
To use, gently rinse and thoroughly dry your cast iron cookware, applying a thin layer of Caron & Doucet's Cast Iron Oil after every use, restoring any wear or damage your cast iron's seasoning may have experienced throughout the cooking and cleaning process, prolonging the life, quality, and beauty of your cast iron. 
Product of Canada

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