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Lampe Berger Lamps

Lampe Berger began in France in 1898 with pharmacist Maurice Berger, who discovered the air purification benefits of the catalytic combustion of Ozoalcohol. He filed the patent for a new lamp system for purifying the air, and Lampe Berger was born. Initially Lampe Berger technology was used only by French Hospitals, though soon enough caught the attention of French Designers such as Lalique, Galle, the Daum crystal glass works, and Baccarat.The Lampe Berger soon became a fixture in salons during the Belle Epoque, and served a new function: Fragrance.

Today, whether in simple styles and materials, or dressed up by great contemporary designers, the Lampe Berger is even more popular - for air purification, fragrance and home decor.

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