Inoxbonomi 12 Pack Table Knives from Italy Assorted Colors

Weight:0.88 lb
$12.99 USD

Inoxbonomi Table Knives

Inoxbonomi made in Italy set of 12 multipurpose table knives. Inoxbonomi has spent decades manufacturing knives in Italy that are functional, long lasting and traditional. These serrated Italian stainless steel blades coupled with solid food grade thermal plastic polymer handles are available in white, black, red, brown, grey and blue. The original made in Italy knives that have been a crowd favorite for decades. Inoxbonomi knives are ideal for cutting all type of foods from meats, vegetables and bread. The ergonomic handles fit very well in hand, durable and effective. These Italian knives are a staple not only in Italian households but not available to the world at Consiglio's Kitchenware! 

  • 100% Made in Italy 
  • 12 knives per package
  • Everyday traditional table knives with serrated blade
  • The blade is extra sharp for easy cutting of various foods
  • Premium Italian stainless steel that never needs sharpening
  • Premium food grade handle made of thermal plastic polymer 
  • From original Italian manufacture Inoxbonomi specializing in knives and cutlery
  • Excellent for steak, chicken and vegetables or bread 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Included gift set 
  • The original Inoxbonomi 

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