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Ravioli Trays & Makers

Ravioli Trays's work in conjunction with pasta makers allowing  you to roll flattened dough onto the tray. Once dough is placed onto your Ravioli Tray's you can then fill your pockets with desired fillings. After completing the task of filling your pockets you then lay another flattened piece of pasta dough and use your rolling pin to compress and cut the ravioli to size!  Many filings include meat, ricotta cheese and vegetables! Ravioli Tray's are a fast and inexpensive way to make home made ravioli quickly and easily. One major benefit of making home made ravioli is the control of ingredients and sodium. Ravioli Tray's are the choice of many home chef's and are generally faster than operating by hand or using pasta maker ravioli attachments! 

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